Ganesha Love

I have always felt a connection to Ganesha. Remover of obstacles. Ganesha is a Hindu deity, a large elephant with a pot-bellied human body. And, one of my favorite things about Ganesha & his story is that he is often pictured with a mouse. The mouse is interpreted in several ways…”Many, if not most of …read more →

Fun. Sun. Avocado.

What else do you need, right? My husband and I love spending time with our friends, in the sun, having drinks and playing with our dogs. By now we’ve learned, when these get togethers happen— if we don’t think about food and snacks ahead of time, things go downhill real fast. So for our latest …read more →

Get Sweat-y

I don’t know what it is these days, but I am OBSESSED with sweating. Saunas, sunny days, beaching, and especially hot yoga. I am 100% an Ashtangi at heart, and Ashtanga yoga is my home, my love, my light— but sometimes, this girl’s gotta sweat. And not the slow build up of sweat from deep …read more →