BlogHer Blogging Conference

“Pressure is a privilege.”

Blog Conference, Blog Her, Orlando

As a newbie to blogging, I attended BlogHer 2017 in Orlando, Florida with little expectations. I basically planned to meet some other cool chicks that were into social media and blogging, see some great speakers and maybe collect a couple new tips/tricks to incorporate into my toolbox.

And, I was able to do all those things. But, there were 3 main take-aways from the event for me:

  • I should have committed myself to this a long time ago.
    • RIP former blogs including but not limited to, and
  • I am way more equipped to be successful at this than (1) I originally thought and (2) than a lot of the ladies I met.
  • Luvvie Ajayi is ALL OF THE THINGS

Serena Williams was my second favorite speaker after Luvvie. She shared so much inspirational, motivational advise she’s learned along the way. How to overcome adversity, life struggles and disappointments and move on to be better every day. I also learned about her work with Allstate to create awareness over the commonplaceness of Financial Abuse, a form of domestic abuse. Check out this video that really spoke to me.

Overall, I’d recommend the event and think it can be really useful for bloggers of all experiences. Thanks, BlogHer for the great event.

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