Accidental Gardening

I have a black thumb.

I just do, and I’m okay with this fact. I’ve killed plants of all shapes and sizes, from herbs to fruits/veggies, to flowers…I even killed an air plant. (I know 🙄)

The ONLY things I have managed to keep alive so far in life include:

  • a pineapple plant that has never sprouted a fruit, but the plant’s alive
  • aloe (but I’ve also killed my fair share of them)
  • some succulents (and also killed half of the total amount I had)

And, I accidentally grew some sweet potatoes. I thought I 💯 killed the plant I put into the pot, and months and months went by and I finally decided to dump out the dirt. Low and behold….I found this.

Then I ate them. I’ve pretty much given up on gardening, but never say never, right?!

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