MistoBox, My Favorite Box

I love coffee.

I drink a ton of coffee. Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob…despite the fact I don’t really know much about coffee at all.

I have a clear memory (Circa 2008 probably) when I was working at an Orlando-based advertising agency, we had a potential client come in — Storyville Coffee. At the time, I surely was a coffee addict, but I remember them explaining to me the difference about burning beans and roasting them.

And, the reason their coffee was better than some not-to-be-named green-logoed behemoth, was because they roast their beans right before the customer grinds them. Making their coffee more perishable than competitors…but better.

Now, nearly a decade later, I have found my way back to freshly roasted beans via a company I am a huge advocate for called MistoBox. You might be thinking…hmmm that sounds familiar. This company appeared on Shark Tank in 2016 and got a deal with Mark Cuban.

Not unlike other subscription box models, you take a quiz to state your preferences and then get sent things in the mail. But things I like best that sets MistoBox apart from other like companies is

  • (1) I have a Coffee Concierge – who will literally respond to my emails…an actual human…to answer my questions, update my coffee preference profile if I get a blend I didn’t like, etc.
  • (2) I set the cadence. Sometimes I need coffee every 5 days, sometimes it’s every 7 or 10.

Also, I am able to get a wide variety of coffee from one of 34 amazing artisan coffee roasters, every time. Each coming from a different part of the US (I think just US…) featuring a cool label/bag, sometimes they throw in some stickers too!

No….I don’t work for MistoBox. Nor do they pay me to dote on and on about them…yet. But I genuinely love this service.

So far, my favorite coffee is from a roaster in Seattle— Caffe Vita. The blend is called Queen City.

A multi-layered blend of medium and dark-roasted coffees with aromas of toasted hazelnut, vanilla and cocoa. Medium-bodied with moderate acidity and a smooth, buttery finish.

Give it a try, either thru MistoBox…or directly from Caffe Vita here.

Through being a subscriber of MistBox, I do get a referal bonus— as do you. So use the code 12HB in your checkout and get $10 off.

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