Get Sweat-y

I don’t know what it is these days, but I am OBSESSED with sweating.

Saunas, sunny days, beaching, and especially hot yoga.

I am 100% an Ashtangi at heart, and Ashtanga yoga is my home, my love, my light— but sometimes, this girl’s gotta sweat. And not the slow build up of sweat from deep breathing with sound (often referred to as ujjayi breath (pronounced oo-jai).

And we’re not talking Bikram yoga either, people.

I want that 95 degree humid, sweat dripping down your face getting into your eye soaked through your clothes kind of yoga. I still haven’t found a studio here in Orlando AND a teacher that I really love. Right now I’m practicing at a studio whose space I don’t really enjoy (at all) for a variety of reasons….

BUT there are some super legit teachers who I am enjoying. And the class times are very appealing based on my schedule at the moment. Sleeping in on the weekends anyone? Rolling out of bed for a noon class?

I’d love to hear of anyone who has found some favorite hot yoga teachers and studios and classes they’re digging. Tell me all the sweaty things!

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