Fun. Sun. Avocado.

What else do you need, right?

My husband and I love spending time with our friends, in the sun, having drinks and playing with our dogs.

By now we’ve learned, when these get togethers happen— if we don’t think about food and snacks ahead of time, things go downhill real fast. So for our latest summer hang on the boat, we decided to make this yummy recipe found on Pinterest from

avocado, corn, black bean, tomato, onion, cilantro, summer salad

Overall we really enjoyed the ease of making this, and the freshness of it. Super healthy, delicious AND easy to make?

It’s a no brainer, ya’ll.

Wish I had a final image to show you, but my squad and I literally ate it so fast…well, photos were not top of mind.

Guess you’ll just have to check out Jennifer’s site to see the finished dish and get the recipe!

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